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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

COVID-19 Testing FAQ, Pre-Travel

What COVID-19 Tests Does Japan Accept?

Vitality team understands the strict Japan requirements for international travel. The methods below are acceptable for travelers between USA to Japan.

  • Rapid nicking enzyme amplification reaction (NEAR) Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) technology  – ID Now by Abbott. Results < 1 hour.
  • RAPID Automated RT-PCR, NAAT. Results < 2 hours.
  • RT-PCR (NAAT). Results < 8 hours.
  • RT-PCR (NAAT). Results < 24 hours.

Sample collection method is valid only for one of the following.
Nasopharyngeal Swab/Nasal Swab※/Saliva/Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal Swabs
※Nasal Swab is valid when the test method is Nucleic Acid Amplification (NAAT) .

Vitality has both of the above mentioned test which are  NEAR and Rapid as well as  conventional RT-PCR’s.

* We selected this particular technology for Japan Pre-Travel testing due to it being highly accurate and accepted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA).

Can you fill the JAPANESE Certificate of Testing for COVID-19

We are a trusted partner of multiple Japanese communities and Travel Agencies. Vitality understand the strict requirements for pre-travel between US & Japan and fill the documents in prescribed format at no additional cost.

We also fill at no additional cost the most recent specific Japanese certificate of Testing for COVID-19 required by the Japanese government for entry, including our physician’s signature and clinic imprint / stamp.

A custom result report with your identifying information verifying the testing methodology and the lab’s certifications, in addition to re-stating your test result.

Does it hurt to get tested?

The testing is provided by trained healthcare provider via non-invasive anterior nasal swab. Our testing techniques are completely different from the nasopharyngeal swab, which were administered in the beginning of pandemic.

Saliva testing is also optional and non invasive method for accurate identification of COVID virus.

Does your report have QR code?

Every report contains QR code and linked directly to individual results.

Can I schedule a Same Day Pre-Travel RT-PCR appointment?

Yes, we provide fast and convenient COVID testing and can schedule same-day appointments through our ‘book appointment’ button. We have daily availability online and can be reached at 224-601-5001 for assistance with booking an appointment that works best for you.

How is the Test Performed?

We utilize minimally invasive nasal collection testing technology. Other collection methods may be available and can be discussed with clinical personal prior to collection.

Do you Test Children?

Vitality Urgent Care and its affiliates accommodate patients of all ages.

How Do I Get My Results?

We provide your results as a PDF file sent securely through an electronic portal upon the completion of our analysis

Is an Appointment Required?

We ask that an appointment be made in advance to reduce wait times and ensure accurate availability. You may schedule a same-day appointment through our website or over the phone by calling 224-601-5001. We are able to accommodate most last-minute requests as well.

What is the Cost of the Test?

We do not accept insurance for Pre-Travel testing. We accept major debit and credit cards, as well as HSA and FSA cards. Below is our pricing list:

  • 2 Hours RT-PCR Nucleic Acid Test: $150 (China, Japan and Worldwide)

When will I receive my results?

Vitality guarantees results to be delivered within the time frame of the service booked (24 hours, 8 hours, or 2 hours). Feel free to call 224-601-5001 if you have not received results within the listed time frame.

Is Your COVID Clinic CLIA Certified?

Both our clinic and all our partner lab facilities are CLIA certified and use EUA tests following the FDA’s guidance. A CLIA certification is vital for a testing facility and is required for traveling to countries outside the US.

What Test Do You Use?

Vitality employs RT-PCR (Reverse Transcript PCR) analyzers for our Pre-Travel testing. We chose this technology for its accuracy and reliability. RT-PCR tests are accepted as the ‘gold standard’ of Pre-Travel COVID testing.

Corporate & Educational COVID-19 Testing FAQ

Does it hurt to get tested?

No. The testing is provided by trained healthcare provider via non-invasive anterior nasal swab. Our testing techniques are completely different from the nasopharyngeal swab, which were administered in the beginning of pandemic.

Saliva testing is also a non-invasive option offered for accurate identification of COVID virus.

Is an appointment required to be tested?

No, appointment are not required and walk-ins are welcome. Pre-registration for expediated process and results delivery over the Vitality Urgent Care Registration Portal is encouraged. Please keep the QR code and present it upon arrival.

Will my information be sold to third parties?

No. Testing results may be reported to the Elgin Community College Emergency Response Representative identified in the “Consent and Release for COVID-19 Testing and Illinois Department of Public Health”  Vitality Urgent Care will not share patient information with any  third parties.

Will I be charged for a COVID-19 test?

No. COVID-19 tests conducted as part of the Elgin Community College testing process will be provided for free to faculty, staff, students and the community.

Will additional testing or research be performed on my sample?

No. Samples received as part of this collection will only be tested to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. All samples received as part of this collection will not be used for any other additional testing or research.

How will I receive my results?

Results will be sent to you based on information provided during registration.

How long before I receive my results?

Results are available 24 hours post ECC testing days.

What types of tests are available?

  1. RT-PCR (Molecular) COVID-19 can be performed with either a nasal, saliva, or oral swab. Results typically will be available in 24 hours.  Preferred method due to high accuracy in asymptomatic individuals.
  2. Antigen Rapid Covid-19 Test (Nasal swab only) Results in 1 hour or less and suitable for people with symptoms as an adjunct to RT-PCR test.

Urgentcare Housecalls FAQ

I don’t have COVID-19 symptoms, can I book a house call?

After the telemedicine consults Vitality appointment, if your issues aren’t resolved and you are not symptomatic or exposed to COVID-19, your Vitality Provider will schedule and deliver the house call face to face visit.


Can I be seen in an office?

Our Providers are dedicated to providing house calls for the convenience and benefit of our patients. We do have an office and patient can be seen by appointment only. Our office location 137 W Rand Rd, Arlington Heights, IL, 60004 (office hours by appointment only.)

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to improving how people experience healthcare!

From blisters to bacterial infections, sore throats to sinusitis, UTI to GERD, and pink eyes to throbbing ears and bleeding laceration. When you think about it, the human body is like a machine that sometimes needs to be examined by proferssionals

That’s why there’s Vitality Urgent and Primary Care is an exceptional option for those everyday issues that happen to everyone, we offer a unique kind of healthcare company by providing the following:

Convenient locations for patients in the comfort of their home, work, hotel or anywhere.
Extended hours including nights, weekends, and holidays.
We made it easy to schedule an appointment and let you save a spot in line simply by going online.
We accept most major insurance plans and also offer easy self-pay options.
And we fill the prescriptions and complete needed lab work during the visit!

It’s a range of services that not many healthcare providers can match.

Who can benefit from Urgent or Primary Care House Call ?

  • Patients who don’t want to wait hours in an emergency room or urgent care facility.
  • Caregivers who do not want to spend time driving your sick children around. Let us help you prevent waiting long hours in illness infested waiting rooms.
  • Those who would prefer not to be exposed to other patient’s germs or illnesses at a traditional doctor’s / urgent care or doctors office.
  • Patients that would like to avoid taking time off work and prefer to be treated in the comfort of your own home after a busy day.
  • Individuals who are unable to make an appointment with their primary care provider within a suitable time-frame.
  • Those who want to pay less than the rates charged at the most emergency room and urgent care centers.
  • Individuals who are too busy at home or work environment to take time away for a medical office visit.  We bring you Visiting Doctor or Nurse Nurse Practitioner at Home, hotel or anywhere.
  • Those who are too ill to visit your primary care provider office, who would prefer an immediate visit by a Visiting Doctor or Nurse Nurse Practitioner.
  • Travelers who are away from home for business or recreation and require medical treatment from a house call physician.

What is the Cost of a Medical House Call Visit?

Always know your price up front, never get a bill from Vitality Urgent & Primary Care.

Visit cost is the same as seeing your primary care provider in an office with normal primary care copay. We do not charge an additional fee for coming to you!.  We currently accept Medicare, BCBS PPO, United Health Care PPO,, credit, debit, health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement account (HRA) and flexible spending account (FSA) payments.

No Health Insurance or High Deductible – We provide – $149/ Urgent Care Home Visit comprehensive fee: It includes a house call urgent care visit with one main complaint that requires minor treatment, includes any necessary in-home point of care testing (strep, mono, flu, urine or sugar).

What can I expect during Urgent Care Visit?

Our experienced Family Nurse Practitioner will sit with you in your home to better understand the healthcare concern, complete a physical exam and diagnoses. If needed, we will send a prescription to your local pharmacy. We will answer all of your questions in the comfort of your home. No need to feel rushed during our visit- we are here to help you feel better.

How do I schedule a House Call Visit ?

Click ‘Book Appointment’ at the top of the page.
Select your appointment time.
You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment time.
Relax and wait for our team member to arrive.
You can always call 224-601-5001 to talk with one of our providers.

Do you treat Children?

We do. Vitality Providers are Board Certified in Family Care and treat children 6 months and up. Please contact us for younger children and we may be able to help.

Can I use Vitality Urgent Care for Emergency?

We can treat most minor Emergencies such as laceration repair, sprains, minor fractures and variety of other conditions.
IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, you should call 911 or proceed to the nearest Hospital Emergency Room.

Who will treat me?

Vitality Urgent and Primary Care Providers are Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioners. Every Provider is thoughtfully background and license checked to assure the highest quality of care for our patients.

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