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Consent for Direct-to-Consumer Laboratory Testing


This document serves as a Consent Form for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Laboratory Testing conducted by Vitality Express Labs and processed by our reference laboratory partner, Quest Diagnostics. By signing this form, you are granting consent for medical professionals at Vitality Express Labs to conduct laboratory testing based on your request. DTC laboratory testing involves tests that are promoted directly to you, the consumer, allowing you to order them without a healthcare provider’s referral.


  1. Purpose of Testing: I understand that the purpose of this testing is to provide me with health information that may be useful in managing my personal health. I recognize that these tests are not intended to replace consultation with a healthcare provider, and they do not serve to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  2. Risks and Limitations: I acknowledge that DTC testing may have limitations, and the results may not be comprehensive or definitive. There is a potential risk of false positives or false negatives. I understand the necessity of discussing these results with a healthcare provider for correct interpretation and guidance.
  3. Privacy and Confidentiality: I understand that Vitality Express Labs and Quest Diagnostics are committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of my health information to the extent required by law. However, I also acknowledge that some data may be shared with relevant third parties in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations.
  4. Follow-up Care: I understand that DTC laboratory testing is a component of comprehensive healthcare and does not replace regular medical check-ups or consultations with healthcare providers. Based on these test results, a further medical examination may be necessary.


I have read this Consent Form for Direct-to-Consumer Laboratory Testing through Vitality Express Labs, or it has been read to me. I have had the opportunity to ask questions about its content, and any questions that I have had have been answered to my satisfaction.

By signing this form, I freely and voluntarily consent to undergo this DTC laboratory testing provided by Vitality Express Labs and processed by Quest Diagnostics.