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Financial Policy

Vitality Urgent Care is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services. Our Financial Policy and Disclosure is designed to ensure a mutual understanding of our payment requirements and your financial responsibilities. This policy helps us maintain efficiency and affordability in the healthcare services we provide.

Self-Pay Policy:

As a self-pay patient, you are required to settle the full balance of your account at the time of discharge. This policy ensures that we can continue to provide quality care without the complexities of billing and collections.

Insurance Policy:

We will file your insurance claims as a courtesy service, provided you submit accurate and complete insurance details. This facilitation is aimed at streamlining the billing process for your convenience.

Responsibility for Non-Covered Services: In instances where your insurance does not cover certain services or supplies, you will be responsible for these costs at the time of service or upon claim settlement.

Follow-Up on Delayed Insurance Payments: If we do not receive payment from your insurance within their specified timeframe, the outstanding balance will become your responsibility.

Upfront Collection of Deductibles and Co-Pays: We collect deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance upfront, before services are rendered.

Workers Compensation Policy:

Direct Billing to Employers or Carriers: For workers’ compensation cases, we bill your employer or their compensation carrier directly. This process is to simplify your experience and ensure compliance with workers’ compensation laws.

Acceptance of Contracted Rates: We adhere to state-mandated fee schedules and accept payments accordingly from workers’ compensation carriers.

Alternative Billing in Case of Denial: If workers’ compensation denies payment, we will then bill your private insurance. Should your private insurance also deny the claim, the responsibility for the payment falls to you.

Providing Employer and Insurance Information: To facilitate billing, it’s crucial that you provide us with accurate information about your employer or their insurance company.

Payment Policy:

Full Payment for Non-Covered Services: You are expected to pay in full for any services not covered by your insurance. This includes receiving a comprehensive billing statement for such services.

Consequences of Non-Payment: Failure to pay the new balance within 30 days of the billing date may lead to a restriction on further services. This policy is in place to maintain financial stability and continue providing care to all our patients.

Collection and Legal Fees: In the event of non-payment, you agree to bear any additional costs, including a 30% collection fee and any reasonable attorney fees we incur in the process of collecting outstanding balances.

Credit Card on File Policy

Streamlined Billing Process: Keeping your credit card on file allows for efficient processing of payments for services rendered, reducing the need for paper billing.

Detailed Statements: We provide clear, itemized statements for all services, ensuring that you are well-informed about the charges.

Focus on Health, Not Billing: This system is designed to minimize the administrative burden on you, allowing you to focus on your health and recovery instead of billing processes.

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