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Vitality Urgent Care Blog

Why Urgent Care at Home

Elderly exam Urgent Care

Get quality care in the comfort of your own home and say goodbye to uncomfortable waiting rooms.

Vitality Urgent and Primary Care makes medical care at home quick, easy, and affordable!

Who may benefit from Urgent Medical Home VIsits?

  • Patients who don’t want to wait hours in an emergency room or urgent care facility.
  • Caregivers who do not want to spend time driving your sick children, elderly parents or yourself around. Let us help you prevent waiting long hours in illness infested waiting rooms and bring urgent care to you.
  • Patients that would like to avoid taking time off work and prefer to be treated in the comfort of your own home after a busy day.
  • Individuals who are unable to make an appointment with their primary care provider within a suitable time-frame.
  • Those who want to pay less than the rates charged at most emergency room and urgent care centers.
  • Those who are too ill to visit your primary care provider office, who would prefer an immediate visit in the comfort of their own home
  • Those who would prefer not to be exposed to other patient’s germs or illnesses at a traditional doctor’s / urgent care or doctors office.
  • Travelers who are away from home for business or recreation and require medical treatment from a house call physician.
  • Elderly individuals who have difficulty traveling to or waiting in a doctor’s office.