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Get quality medical care in the comfort of your own home

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Urgent Care Home Visit, Skip the Waiting Room, Major Insurances Accepted

Home testing (Strep, Flu, Urine). We treat everything urgent care treats and more. Enjoy the quality & convenient urgent care at home with experienced medical professionals.

Vitality Urgent Care delivers medical urgent care directly to your door in Northwest Suburbs at no additional cost. Our team equipped with all the tools necessary to provide urgent care services for all ages in the comfort and convenience of your own home. We treat a variety of symptoms and conditions-including urinary tract infections, migraines, sprains, dehydration, flu, strep throat, back pain and more. Vitality can also administer IV fluids, prescribe medications, take blood tests, suture wounds and more. Major health plans are accepted and we have low self-pay pricing. We make getting the care you need easy and affordable!

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Medical House Calls, Request Care

Request Care

Medical House Calls, We bring Urgent Care to you

We Bring Urgent Care to You

Medical House Calls, Receive safe treatment

Receive Safe Treatment

Medical House Calls, Rest easy

Rest Easy

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Common Conditions We Treat


Microbiological Tests
Urine Tests
General Blood Tests

Common Illnesses

Fever, Cough, Cold, Flu, Headaches / Migraines, Urinary tract infection, Dehydration, Anxiety, etc.

Nose / Throat

Strep throat or sore throat, Sinus infection, Nasal congestion, Laryngitis, Nosebleeds, Mono etc

Ear infection

Ear pain or infection, Earwax Removal etc

Ear Infection

Ear pain or infection, Earwax Removal etc


Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Seasonal allergies, Upper respiratory infection


Rash, Skin infections, Skin lesions, Simple Lacerations Repair etc


Upset Stomach, Nausea / Vomiting, Diarrhea, Indigestion, Constipation, Stomach Flu, Food Poisoning, Rectal pain, etc.

Medication Refills

Medication Refill


Sprain, Strains, Back Pain, Arthritis, Minor fractures

IV Fluids, Labs & Medications

IV Fluids, Labs and Medications

Work Notes

Work and school excuses

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Exciting News: Vitality Urgent Care is Relocating to a New, State-of-the-Art Facility!

December 15th, 2023

Vitality Urgent Care is thrilled to announce our relocation to a new, state-of-the-art facility at 56 W Dundee Rd, Buffalo Grove, starting January 22, 2023. Designed to enhance patient experience, our new location offers extended hours, an innovative digital radiology suite, and comprehensive on-site laboratory services, ensuring top-notch medical care. Visit us and experience the pinnacle of urgent care, tailored to fit your busy lifestyle

The Cost of X-Rays: Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

February 10th, 2024

Unlock affordable, high-quality X-ray services at Vitality Urgent Care, offering comprehensive diagnostics for upper and lower extremities, chest, spine, and skull as convenient add-ons to office visits. Benefit from our advanced digital X-ray technology for quick, accurate imaging at a flat rate, ensuring efficient and integrated care without the need for appointments. Choose Vitality Urgent Care for accessible, seamless healthcare solutions

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV): Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

December 6th, 2023

Discover how Vitality Urgent Care plays a crucial role in managing Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). With rapid and accurate diagnostic testing, tailored treatment plans for different age groups, and comprehensive guidance on symptom management and prevention, Vitality Urgent Care ensures effective care and support for those affected by RSV. Their dedicated approach focuses on patient-specific needs, ensuring timely intervention and education for better health outcomes.

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