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Vitality Urgent Care

Film Industry & Production COVID-19 Testing


Vitality Urgent Care is a leader in testing services to film & production industry nationwide!

We understand the sensitive aspect of production testing and easily adapt to individualize production needs. Vitality is equipped to provide flexible, reliable and fast-paced COVID-19 testing solutions which is an integral part of today’s production industry. We also closely follow the SAG/AFTRA guidelines for production and Entertainment Industry related services and easily scalable for unique production needs.

Production and On-Site COVID-19 Testing – Vitality Advantage

Cinespace Chicago Preferred Vendor

  • Vitality is a preferred national partner for COVID-19 Testing for multiple productions companies
  • Vitality utilizes robust technologies that allows for high-volume noninvasive testing.
  • National laboratory and partner network.
  • Screening and testing is conducted by trained individuals familiar with CDC and OSHA protocols.
  • Vitality offers discrete VIP testing in various settings (home/hotel).
  • Rapid in-house testing for both PCR and Molecular Testing.
  • RT-PCR testing with results under 8 hours.

COVID-19 VIP Concierge

We offer on demand same day concierge Rapid and RT-PCR stress free collections.

  • On demand at home, hotel or work VIP Covid Testing.
  • Convenient, discrete and safe COVID testing option for actors and executives.
  • Consistent, reliable and timely results every time.

Which COVID-19 tests does Vitality Urgent Care Offer and Why?

  1. RT-PCR COVID-19 (can be performed with either a nasal or oral swab) that has been authorized by the FDA and developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific. This test has been authorized for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Results < 8 hours.
  2. RT-PCR COVID-19 test has been authorized by the FDA. Xpert® Xpress SARS-CoV-2 is a rapid real-time RT-PCR test developed by Cepheid. Results < 2 hours.
  3. RT-PCR COVID-19 test has been authorized by the FDA. Accula is a rapid real-time RT-PCR test developed by Mesa Biotech/Thermo Fisher Scientific. Results < 1 hours.
  4. ID NOW – NEAR/ NAAT – authorized by the FDA developed by Abbott. Results < 20 min.

Laboratory Partners Advantage

  • National vetted high complexity CLIA Certified laboratory partners.
  • Extended operation hours of 7 AM – 12 AM with a dedicated team delivering same-day results.
  • Open on weekends and holidays to accommodate productions’ needs.
  • Guaranteed turnaround time of < 8 hours post collection.
  • Excellent professional collaborative relations with laboratory personal.
  • Individualized results delivery to each patient and the productions’ health &  safety department via a results portal with real-time reporting.